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Dealing Effectively with Anxiety and Overwhelm

Ended Jun 24, 2021

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June 10 - June 24, 2021

6:30 - 8:00 pm


Rates of stress-related illness, anxiety and depression have been steadily increasing.  This past year has seen these rates skyrocket.  Everyone has had to deal with more uncertainty, take on more responsibility at home and at work and deal with unending change.  Talk about stress!  This virtual course will help ground you in those strategies and introduce you to tools that will help you manage stress and reduce feelings of anxiousness and overwhelm.

We will look at -

o    What causes us to experience stress?

o    How to discern where we have some control and how we can respond to events that we cannot control.

o    Managing our energy and taking care of ourselves

o    Leveraging a tool - Emotional Freedom Technique - that can help us to deal more effectively with our emotions and responses to unwelcome events and circumstances.

o    Practices that will help us better manage our stress proactively.

 Three 90-minute weekly sessions with strategies to practice immediately to positively impact your stress level.

 Target Audience: This course is for anyone who wishes to manage their stress level more effectively and is committed to their own well-being.