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Customer Service is a Course

Customer Service

Sep 20 - Sep 20, 2019

$110 Enroll

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Customer Service

Friday, September 20, 2019

The Enterprise Center at Salem State University

Whether your customer is across the country or across the hall, understanding and meeting their needs is the first and last step to success. External customers drive sales and growth. Internal customers are the key to efficiency and profitability. We can all contribute to the success of our organization by winning over customers with superior products and delivering outstanding customer service.
This one-day program will cover:
  • Module One: Getting Started
    Workshop Objectives
  • Module Two: Who We Are and What We Do
    Who Are Customers?
    What Is Customer Service?
    Who Are Customer Service Providers?
  • Module Three: Establishing Your Attitude
    Appearance Counts!
    The Power of a Smile
    Staying Energized
    Staying Positive
  • Module Four: Identifying and Addressing Customer Needs
    Understanding the Customer’s Situation
    Staying Outside the Box
    Going the Extra Mile
  • Module Five: Generating Goodwill
    Following Up
    Addressing Complaints
    Turning Difficult Customers Around
  • Module Six: Body Language and Tone
    Intent vs. Content
    Using Body Language to Your Advantage
  • Module Seven: Giving Customer Service over the Phone
    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Telephone Communication
    Telephone Etiquette
    Tips and Tricks
  • Module Eight: Providing Electronic Customer Service
    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Communication
    Understanding Netiquette
    Tips and Tricks
    Eliminate Electronic Ping Pong
  • Module Nine: Recovering Difficult Customers
    De-Escalating Anger
    Establishing Common Ground
    Setting Your Limits
    Managing Your Own Emotions
  • Module Ten: Understanding When to Escalate
    Dealing with Vulgarity
    Coping with Insults
    Dealing with Threats
  • Module Eleven: Ten Things You Can Do to WOW Customers Every Time
    Ten Tips
  • Module Twelve:
    Wrapping Up