Promoting Digital Literacy in the School Library

Ended Apr 1, 2023

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Full course description

Promoting Digital Literacy in the School Library

March 11 - April 2, 2023

(Program qualifies for 15 PDPs)


Course Description

This professional development course, specifically created for School

Librarians, focuses on defining digital literacy, reading & writing text in an

online environment, multimedia literacy, digital authorship and integrating

digital literacy into curriculum and practice.

Course Goals and Learning Objectives:

■ Gain knowledge that enables reflective thinking on how literacy is

changing as a result of media and technology

■ Provide an introduction to the pedagogy surrounding digital


■ Introduce major theories of online and offline reading

comprehension, assessment of online reading, and productive

ways of teaching digital literacy skills in grades K-12

■ Investigate how multimedia works in the digital world

■ Create content as digital authors

■ Integrate digital literacy into curriculum and practice

■ Consider the implications of this cultural and technological shift

for teaching and learning at all levels